DeVivo & Sams Policy Partners is a bipartisan government relations firm.  Founded by a Democrat and a Republican, we pride ourselves on our access and relationships on both sides of the aisle. This is especially important when it comes to issues that need bipartisan legislative support. 

We have the background and experience necessary to advance your agenda and issues. We have access to key policymakers, are able to anticipate emerging issues, and have the ability to accurately express your public policy concerns. We have participated in, taken leadership roles, and have achieved successful outcomes in many complex issues.

We have represented clients across an array of industries, including healthcare, corporate, agriculture, education, associations, energy, and manufacturing.


Angel is a partner and founding member of DeVivo & Sams, representing clients at the legislature and in the executive branch. She has been lobbying in North Carolina since 2011 and has represented an array of clients and issues, and has successfully fought for clients' diverse needs in the insurance, healthcare, agriculture, and nonprofit industries.  

Angel attended Appalachian State University as an undergraduate, earning a B.S. in Political Science. She then attended graduate school at Loyola University Chicago, where she earned a M.A. in Political Science.

Angel Sams

About DeVivo & Sams

Laura DeVivo

Laura is a partner and founding member of DeVivo & Sams. Lobbying since 2011, she previously spent 12+ years in North Carolina’s legislative and executive branches. Her understanding of the intersection of politics and policy in the legislative and administrative branches make her a go-to person for strategic and political advice, and advocacy throughout state government. Just before beginning her career in government relations, she spent four years as Chief of Staff to N.C. Speaker of the House Joe Hackney whom she advised on legislative strategy, the state budget, public policy, legislative and political strategy.  Prior to that, she served as top aide to the House Majority Leader, Director of Legislative Affairs for the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Legislative Liaison for the NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, and Federal Liaison for the North Carolina Governor in the Washington, DC, office.

Laura attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned a B.A. in History.